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Data Destruction & Cyber Security

Urbeno is a pioneer in producing a few of the most environment-friendly, digitally-advanced, and state-of-the-art solutions. Data destruction is one such explicitly brilliant solution that we offer. Through this service, our sole objective is to help ease the experience of the small, medium, and even large corporations, along with securing the environment as a whole. Thus, you can depend on us, and we will protect you at all costs. Further, our full range of solutions is designed to suit each one of your needs. From customized solutions, secure serializations, and much more, we have a lot to offer.

An overview of Data Destruction

Data destruction is all about serializing and destroying data without encountering any breaches. Urbeno ensures offering on-site and off-site data destruction of every data type. We do this by utilizing a few of the most remarkable and meticulously-tested features like destruction witnessing, asset registration, and even serialization. Further, with our extended transparency, we aim to build a strong relationship with our customers, thereby improving our integrity simultaneously. Data destruction solutions at Urbeno are as flexible as they can get.

Our real-time visibility and process tracking methodologies have helped us stay at the top in the marketplace. With our technology-oriented solutions and effective reporting, you can easily track the entire data destruction process. At Urbeno, we work by collectively following the following methodologies.

Extended compliance.

To start, we offer off-site and on-site data destruction services based on your preference. These are then implemented after undergoing a wide range of procedures so that you only have the most worthwhile experience of investing in our company. We are further licensed, certified, and ensure offering complete transparency and security to our users. Our other service procedures include optional video verification of your data, TSA approved drivers, and much more.

Traditional compliance.

Further, our entire data destruction process consists of serialization and registration of varied data-bearing assets, data sanitization, asset tag removal, and even physical destruction of the particular file. We then use the required elements like purging and data security classification to meet your needs consistently.

User-friendly solutions.

Further, we aim to offer only the most user-friendly solutions to our users. Our high-tech solutions are thus based on dedicated destruction loads for the required data-bearing assets. These are then processed collectively. Every electronic essential is given complete transparency, and therefore the government agency representative and the client contractor can witness this destruction process.

Demilitarisation solutions.

Demilitarisation solutions are frequently reserved for agencies and government contractors. These high-security solutions are offered within the generating area. Here, no additional activities are authorized when generating the data of the respective clients.

Environmental impact.

Further, with our data destruction process, we ensure that your waste doesn't get dumped on any landfills. Thus, not only can you securely destroy unwanted data that you no longer require but can also chiefly affect the environment, positively, as a whole, thereby offering a small impact on the climate change crisis as a whole.

Choosing Urbeno

Urbeno is a leading company situated in Bangalore. Specializing in recycling and refurbishing electronic essentials, Urbeno carries pride in helping companies make well-versed business decisions for themselves, along with impacting a change in the environment. Our team of well-equipped professionals is determined to help offer every possible solution to data destruction so that you can effectively destroy your data with ease. Our robust and integrated solutions undergo necessary testing beforehand to ensure that you have a valuable experience. We further offer affordable data destruction pricing models based on cost-effective, customized preferences.

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