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Recycling Heroes

Recycling Heroes - Launched in the year 2020... Urbeno will encourage the world to look at the positive impact that individuals, communities and businesses are having on the future of our world, as well as highlight what still needs to be done. Recycling heroes surround us every day.. In you and your friends, colleagues, families...

The Recycling Heroes campaign also aims to showcase the diverse, innovative and passionate ideas around recycling that people are driving forward across the globe.

Urbeno will post the stories of the "Recycle Heroes" on it's platform to encourage the community to set standards for recycling. We believe in inspiring millions with this initiative and making a sustainable planet for today and tomorrow!

If you have a story or have a reference of real "Recycle Heroes" - Please write to us' Recyclingheroes@urbeno.in


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Urbeno is a responsible organization and we support many NGO's and Local municipal bodies in reaching the social goals. Our sustainable development goals are aligned with the global policies of the UN in ensuring zero waste and 100% recycling and reuse of materials. We indulge in socio-economic activities with the unorganised sector of E-waste recyclers and assist them with technology and other solutions. Urbeno's future depends on the safe treatment of toxic and hazardous waste. Let's work together and make the world a better place

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