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On-site Data Degaussing

Urbeno is a licensed company specializing in offering recycling and refurbishing solutions to give users a broader view of impacting the environment. On-site data degaussing is an important aspect of this domain that we focus on with expert knowledge and understanding. There is emphasis on following an eco-friendly approach at all times. Moreover, each device that we use consists of specific data that might eventually become exposed to potential threats. So, how exactly can you secure your data? Well, Urbeno is here for you.

Data Degaussing.

The need for Decommissioning or Degaussing arises every now and then. Degaussing a complete data center, starting from consolidating, updating, and even relocating, is a comprehensive process. We at Urbeno make use of an environmental-friendly approach to help you effectively degauss your electronic essentials. Further, we ensure that your products then process for further procedures that are based on data security, environmental protection, maximal resale value, and information privacy. All this is done on-site, i.e, our vendors come to your respective location to destroy the data. Thus, your data is securely destroyed without any breaching.

Information Privacy and Data Security.

We are quite particular about helping you secure your data at all costs. With integrated and robust solutions and a rigorous approach, we effectively streamline different solutions based on your requirements. Thus, you don’t have to worry about issues such as data breaches because we’ve got you covered. Each of our electronic gadgets comprises a significant amount of data. Thus, relying on every other e-recycling company isn’t entirely practical. At Urbeno, we help you secure several elements of data security, thereby securely degaussing your data.

Environmental security.

The climate change crisis is a deal of concern today. It has brought in increased levels of insecurity among people and is also a potential threat to worry about. Thus, it is our responsibility to fix all the damage we’ve done. Urbeno thus gives you a smooth and effortless solution to doing so. Our degaussing data solutions undergo precise tests and procedures before coming into existence.

Efficient resale value.

Another excellent feature of degaussing data is that you can get a significantly valuable investment return on your products. From adhering to several diagnostics, refurbishments, reconfigurations, and conceptualizing different solutions to help you encounter a delightful experience, we are here for you. Urbeno executes different evaluation procedures to collect serialized data assets and then further designs different models to offer reasonable market value for each equipment that you give us. What does this mean for you? Well, a cost-effective experience is one of our many benefits.

Affordable pricing models.

Along with deliberately aiming to offer vintage recycled electronic items that will help varied benefactors save up additional costs, we are the one-way ticket to receiving cheap and reasonably pricing models. We have the sole motive for constructing an eco-friendly environment. Our broadened business plan includes mindful and thoughtful solutions to degaussing data with ease. Further, we offer vast recycling and degaussing flexibility as we take in several election assets starting from radios, smartphones, tablets, televisions, and much more.

Choosing Urbeno

We are a group of passionate and skilled individuals aiming to offer reliable e-waste management solutions. Located in Bangalore, we are the one-stop solution to helping everyone collectively take part in creating sustainable and eco-friendly surroundings to live in. Further, we help you get rid of electronic devices that you no longer use, thereby making a much more impactful and convenient environment for the upcoming generations. Thus, along with our vast range of solutions, we help build a cutting-edge e-waste recycling plant to benefit you in the long run.

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