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Safety Recycling Boxes

Urbeno is a top-notch company specializing in offering recycling and refurbishing solutions to help every global citizen collectively play a part in creating a sustainable environment. Thus, we are the one-stop solution to conveniently recycling the electronic gadgets that you no longer require. Further, we help multinational corporations make much more informed decisions for their company. One such service that we offer is safety recycling boxes for the meticulous and reliable recycling process.

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Our solutions

We offer certified and reliable solutions with effortless delivery and pickup options. From home offices, a myriad of stores, remote locations, minimal asset numbers, and much more, Urbeno has unique offerings in store for each of you. Every corporation faces distinguishable challenges in the marketplace, especially those of secure disposition of IT essentials. Thus, safety recycling boxes are the ultimate game-changer for response and protected supposition of electronic and IT assets. Therefore, with our customized, durable, user-friendly, and eco-friendly solutions, you can rest assured that you have the most flexible and effortless experience of secure IT asset disposition.

Enhanced Flexibility.

Urbeno offers its technologically-driven solutions for recycling your IT assets. Our recycling boxes aim to help every consumer and business professional conveniently recycle their old and damaged electronics from their workplace or even homes in no time. Thus, a hassle-free solution to recycling is just what every individual needs.

Affordable boxes.

Our safety recycling boxes are all ranged at an affordable price and thus give you the ultimate benefit of recycling all your IT and electronic assets at a minimal cost. Therefore, this way, you can get rid of all your damaged electronics without putting much less effort.

Make an environmental impact.

Further, if you aren't already impressed, recycling your electronics via our safety recycling boxes is an excellent method to make an environmental impact and secure your surroundings for the future generation.

All you have to do is follow these steps, and you’re good to go.

  • Order your required box size through our official webpage (Small, medium, or even large box available).
  • Deliberately fill the relevant details so that we can speedily deliver your product at your doorstep.
  • You can then fill the box with the relevant electronic assets that you no longer use. You can then reach out to us after sealing the box.
  • We will then pick up your box from the relevant destination.
  • After the box is shipped to our storehouse, we will secure your data from any breaches and simultaneously recycle it with complete transparency.
  • You can track the entire process so that you can have a comfortable and cost-effective experience.

Choosing Urbeno

Urbeno is an exquisite company offering user-friendly solutions. Located in Bangalore, Urbeno is all about voicing out and making a positive and significant impact on the environment as a whole. Along with offering integrated and comprehensive solutions, our company is dedicated to producing thoughtful lifestyle choices and securely getting rid of your data. We are thus the ultimate solution to safe and secure data destruction via safety recycling boxes.

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