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Electronics Assets Disposition

Urbeno is an industry-leading company aiming to help secure corporations, global citizens, and the environment. Along with offering integrated solutions based on cybersecurity and electronics assets like AC, TV, refrigerators, microwave, gaming gadgets, and likewise, Urbeno is a certified company and ensures securing its customers at all costs. One such prominent offering of Urbeno is IT and Electronics Asset Disposition.

Our Solutions

IT and Electronics Asset Disposition or ITAD is the meticulous process of guarding and collectively recycling or reusing different electronic essentials that you no longer use. Further, Electronics Asset Disposition aims at three distinctive objectives - securing your data, protecting the environment, and offering information privacy. Our well-equipped staff is dedicated to helping your company reach its highest potential. We thus ensure coming up with some of the most striking features.

Integrated solutions.

The first and foremost feature that we offer is that each one of our solutions is chiefly integrated. This thus gives customers the upper hand over securing their data, drastically safeguarding the environment, and even making well-informed decisions for your company. Information privacy, data security, and environmental protection are the three most vital components that every firm must understand and work towards. This further even helps corporations cut down their additional expenses. Lucky for you, Urbeno offers its extended solutions at cost-effective pricing models!

Protect the environment.

The climate change crisis has undeniably grabbed peak attention and has now become a concern for many. Experts suggest that we have a restricted amount of time to recover the damage we have done. Thus, adequate measures like recycling and reusing are the most primary basis for environmental protection. We must all take equal part to be responsible global citizens for safeguarding planet earth. Thus, recycling electronic gadgets you no longer use can be an excellent start of doing so. Simultaneously, you can create a sustainable environment for the upcoming generations.

Guard your company’s data.

Well, cybercrimes are, without a doubt, increasing at an exceeding rate. Thus, every company is finding it quite hard to secure their data. Urbeno, on the other hand, helps you get rid of this factor. You can now safeguard your company from different breaches and malware attacks, thereby protecting your data. With increased protection, you can rest assured that your company’s confidentiality remains protected at all costs. Further, you can lower your company expenses maximally.

Additional specifications.

With the help of Asset Disposition, you can reduce a negative environmental impact and assure data destruction. Urbeno ensures generating non-data bearing and data-bearing assets to chiefly protect your company in the long run. Thus, it further helps you lower your carbon footprint level, thereby making you a considerate and eco-friendly corporation.

Large equipment recycling availability.

Furthermore, you can also rely on the exquisite digitally-advanced solutions to recycle over a plethora of electronic essentials such as laptops, cameras, switches, plotters, telephones, smartphones, router, VHS tapes, DVDs, receivers, Blu-ray discs, smartwatches, ID cards, CDs, printers, scanners, bridges, LTOs, circuit boards, cassettes, fax machines, and much more.

Choosing Urbeno

Urbeno is a firm believer in prioritizing the needs of its customers. Further, we are dedicated to introducing a few of the most thoughtful solutions for creating a sustainable environment and protecting your company. We offer a broad range of comprehensive solutions for a wide range of sectors in the marketplace. You can now rely on our IT Asset Disposition solutions to generate all your IT assets and secure your data from hazardous cyber crimes. Further, these assets will then be recycled to impact the environment as a whole.

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