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Urbeno is all about offering high-tech solutions to its customers based on recycling and refurbishing. We understand the criticality of the climate change crisis and are thus quite dedicated to helping users find an environment-friendly approach towards sustainable living. While the climate change crisis doesn’t seem to stop, it is our duty to fix the damage we’ve potentially caused. Further, re-marketing or refurbishing is one such excellent way of doing so. We are thus keen on delivering the highest-value return on different capital asset investments to our clients.

Our offerings

We utilize robust, effective, and comprehensive solutions through asset recovery programs. Thus, we help refurbish, sanitize, detect, test, and even resell each of the electronic assets that you no longer use. Our determined team of experts makes use of the state-of-the-art methodology. With our harvesting process, we ensure processing revenue from the devices that you no longer apply. With our exquisite investment recovery and remarketing solutions, we offer revenue-share prospects for every sale. Simultaneously, this adds back the value to our customers. Given below are some of the brief and fundamental insights into our refurbishing solutions.

Data security.

Well, whether you’re an ordinary consumer or a business professional, we are all scared of cybercrimes and other potential risks related to our data. Every electronic gadget that we use contains our confidential data. Thus, every time we throw away the electronics essentials that we no longer use, we expose ourselves to enhanced vulnerability. Urbeno, thus helps you secure your confidential data at all costs and offers a streamlined data management process so that none of your data is involuntarily compromised.

Valuation process.

Urbeno consistently conceptualizes, designs, implements, and further develops varied strategies to offer you the most relevant refurbishing solutions. Thus, we also analyze the current market trends and conditions and determine the equipment that can be sold again at a reasonable price. Thus, we can help you get a return on every investment that you make with our impeccable valuation process. Due to this, every penny that you invest in our company is worth it. Whatever solution you want, we are here for you.

Testing, Inspecting, Tracking.

Upon receiving your equipment, we ensure that it undergoes meticulous tests. It then undergoes several other robust procedures to detect how useful that respective item is. We then utilize the analyzed data time as tracking information and incorporate the product with a wide range of features to benefit you maximally.

Customer-oriented approach.

Lastly, one of the many benefits of investing in our company is that you will have our undivided attention. We are passionate about helping our clients encounter the most effortlessly reliable experience and are thus willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy your needs. Therefore, we collectively strategize our solutions based on your requirements. You can thus make use of these solutions to refurbish the items that you no longer require effectively.

Choosing Urbeno

Urbeno is a pioneer in producing some of the most robust and stringent solutions based on refurbishing. We are an environment-friendly company, aiming to benefit both the consumers and the environment as a whole. Thus, utilizing our services to refurbish your products can drastically add value to your investments and secure your data against potential threats. We are a team of young and enthusiastic individuals who strive hard to design only the most cost-effective and technologically-driven solutions for our customers. You can thus rely on us for data security and data privacy because we’ve got you covered.

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