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Urbeno is a pioneer in producing a few of the most phenomenal services and products that focus on making a global impact on the environment as a whole. Besides being licensed by all prominent safety maintenance institutions, Urbeno prioritizes offering top-notch solutions to its users. Therefore, with undivided attention to its customers and the production of cost-effective solutions, Urbeno has got you covered. We are a group of well-equipped professionals aiming to mitigate factors of dumping waste into the landfills. One such service that we offer is E-Recycling.

Our offerings

E-recycling is a comprehensive technique of recycling e-waste, also known as e-scrap. We offer a complete collection of electronic recycling services to help you accomplish your recycling objectives with ease. From helping you get insights into sustainable utility, lowering your additional costs, offering recovery value, to even conserving your time, E-recycling is just what you need. You can thus, in no time, gain complete hold of your reverse supply chain. We offer a helping hand to a myriad of industries, including small, medium, and large corporations. Further, e-recycling is an excellent approach to lower carbon footprint and positively impact the environment as a whole.

Unparalleled service.

Urbeno offers an excellent annual capacity to help you consistently shred a hefty amount of electronics every year. We are dedicated to providing unmatched services to our customers for them to have the most delightful and hassle-free experience of investing in our company. Further, Urbeno ensures securing facility space and offering a few of the most specific features so that every single penny that you spend in our company is worth it. You can thus utilize a plethora of e-recycling services.

State-of-the-art technology.

Further, each one of our E-recycling solutions is incorporated with digitally-advanced resources. With a state-of-art approach, we offer a wide range of options starting from e-scrap shedding to much more. Further, some of our standard features include a flat-panel video display device (LED, plasma, LCD), CTR glass cleaning systems, processing technologies, and much more. All these factors club together to help you alter every device into a recycled commodity.

Additional specifications.

Further, we also eliminate ink cartridges and batteries from the respective devices so that they can be recycled via our audited service providers. Additionally, every resource, apart from the video display devices, is generated in Urbeno’s e-scrap shredding system. With such features, we carry pride in remaining as one of the leading electronic shredding solution companies. We further guarantee that not a single electrical appliance is dumped into the landfill. A considerate and eco-friendly solution - what more do you need?

Secure recycling boxes.

Urbeno is a certified company aiming to help every user find a smart solution to recycling your electronic essentials. We focus on helping you make use of secure recycling boxes throughout the shredding process. Due to this, you can rest assured that you will have the most valuable and safe experience of investing in our company. You can now avail of a wide range of solutions, and you won’t be disappointed.

Choosing Urbeno

Urbeno is primarily situated in Bangalore, Karnataka. Along with being a leading company in the field of electronic recycling, Urbeno is enthusiastic about helping you impact the environment as a whole. Every other company that you might come across claims to offer zero landfills or zero export solutions. However, only a handful of them provide authentic and genuine solutions. Urbeno is one such company that helps to provide integrated solutions to reduce the downstream footprint in the marketplace.

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